About Katya

Katya is a pro triathlete living and training in sunny San Diego, CA.



11 Responses to “About Katya”

  1. paulboth Says:

    Hi Katya

    It looks like I am the first person to leave a comment. I look forward to reading updates on your blog. I am doing my first Ironman in Arizona April 13th. I am loving the training and am looking forward to the race. Good luck in all of your races!


  2. Tom Says:

    I would like to thank you for motivating me in getting into Triathlon. Your picture graced the March issue of Triathlete Magazine, and inside that issue is where I made my schedule of triathlons I would compete in when I returned from my tour of duty over seas. Thank you, triathlon has re-energized my life.

    I look for your name in each issue of Triatlete Magazine, and I didn’t see a list of your results from 2007. Where can I find that information? One last thing, good to see you on a well made Spanish bicycle!

    Thank you,

  3. ben sanson Says:

    hi katya ,i m french pro since 1992 ,i ll be racing alcatraz.Are you coming ?Because I have a race at the end of the year i d like to invite you ,it s in the caribian .x

  4. Roland, Xtriathlon Says:

    Hi Katya
    This is Roland from the french website xtriathlon.com
    Before you second Ironman France in june, we would have an interview of you on our site… could you contact me please ?
    Thanks a lot !
    Cheers from Paris

  5. Eric Olson Says:

    Hey Katya-
    We met at Ironman Canada two years ago (at a friends pre-race BBQ and again at the after party) and I was wondering if you are going to be racing it again this year?

    There is another good gathering of people up there this year and we’ll be having another pre-race get together. In case you were going to be there, I wanted to invite you.

    Hope all the training is going well and that 2008 is a good year for you!!

    If not Canada, what races are you doing?


  6. L'indien Says:

    Good luck to Nice, Hug !

  7. L'indien Says:

    Hi, Hug !


  8. Kori Says:

    Hey Katya,
    Just wanted to say thanks for all of your help this past weekend at the prep camp – you’re a great coach and motivator! I was VERY nervous about this first IronMan, but thanks to you and Paul, now I’m just a LITTLE nervous. 🙂
    Thanks also for the training ride and for running the bridge again with me. It’s a lot less lonely when you’ve got company. 🙂
    Take care,

  9. Romina Says:

    Hi Katya,

    I met you briefly last summer when you rode with the Qualcomm Million Dollar Challenge riders up to Los Angeles. I love your web site, good luck this season!

  10. Milo Garcia Says:

    I did the cycling for a relay team today at the Malibu Tri and I was going back and forth with a female cyclist from the start to the finnish. I think that was you, if so thank you, you inspired me to go faster and you have a new fan.

    Thanks, Milo

  11. Mario Arroyave Says:

    Katya, I read in Bicycling magazine that you are doing a master’s thesis on over training and the different kinds. If you could please direct me to where the results of your findings are located I would appreciate it. I’m not sure if you are done with your study but I am really interested especially in the parasympathetic side of over training. Thanks.

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