I’m in NYC this week shooting a K-Swiss Ad Campaign.  This AM, we went to the showroom where all of the exciting new shoe and clothing samples live before they are mass produced and distributed.  I’ll post some pics later today.

The rest of the day has been a whole lot of “Hurry up and wait”!  Chris Lieto and I have been at the studio–trust me, it’s not as glamorous as it sounds, though it is pretty interesting to see how the whole operation runs–since 10AM.  After 45minutes of hair and make up (I even got a free trim by the stylist–yeah!), we have been waiting to do the shoot.  It is now 6pm.  Although I’m sure it sounds like it, I am totally not complaining; it feels somehow strangely relaxing to have some forced downtime.

Oops, here we go–time to go run on a treadmill while being sprayed with fake sweat: )


3 Responses to “”

  1. Flatman Says:

    Stuff some of that super secret new stuff in a bag and send it to me!!! 😉

    Have fun at the shoot…

  2. Bree Says:

    Yeah, send me secret new stuff too…
    Enjoy the fake sweat!

  3. AJ Foster Says:

    I have been up in NY as well working the past month… Save the shipping, I will just come pick up the secret stuff 🙂
    How long will you be here for?

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