Triathlon + Hollywood = Malibu Tri

The Malibu Triathlon was a great way to ease back into racing after IM Louisville. I was only doing the bike leg of a relay, so it was a lot of fun and totally low-stress. (Not to be confused with easy. . .when will I stop forgetting how badly this short stuff hurts?! 45′ at HR 175-180? I think I’d rather do an Ironman!) But, it did give me plenty of time to check out the celebrities, or at least their surrounding swarm of papparazzi, in some instances (i.e. J. Lo).

My fabulous K-Swiss relay partners were both able to check the ultra famous AND super athletic box. Our swimmer, Kaitlin Sandeno, went to the Olympics in both 2000 and 2004 in so many events I couldn’t even keep track as she rattled them off. And our runner, Anna Kournikova, is. . .well, Anna Kournikova.

Let’s just say we didn’t do too badly: )

Can anyone guess who the guy on the right is? (The guy on the left is my friend Nate, who, thankfully, saved me from having to pull the total groupie “can I have my picture taken with you” card since they know each other.) Look closely. . .

I always say that if I lived in LA, I would never see any celebrities because I am terrible at recognizing people. Could be that I’m not that great at actual facial recognition (isn’t that a sign of Asperger’s? Great.) OR, more likely because my pop culture IQ is startilingly low. This, I blame largely on my parents who raised us in the TV equivalent of a strict vegan household–one TV, allowed on one channel–CNN. (Thanks Mom & Dad–do you KNOW how many hours of quality sitcom viewing I missed because of you?!) Still, even I know who this guy is–although it did take me about 30′ of silent “Where do I know this guy from?!”–in the transition area to put my finger on it.

In any case, I was going to make you guess, but with hat and glasses it’s a little tough. . .it’s Zac Morris from Saved by the Bell!! I guess his real name is Mark Gosselaar and he has a new show now, but to me, he’ll always be Zac.

Even better, I was able to catch up with Jenny & Kristin, celebs in their own right–two amazing friends who always manage to be fantastically fit even with crazy work schedules.

All in all, a fun weekend of triathlon before shipping off to Canada for an even more fun, though slightly more hard core week of training with my LifeSport teammates.


8 Responses to “Triathlon + Hollywood = Malibu Tri”

  1. Bree Says:

    You are such a fun writer! I can totally laugh because I know your sense of humor…

    NICE relay team & way to ride woman! It will be fun to watch you pull yourself up to the front once you get outta that water. AND JENNY, thanks for posting a photo of her, you both are the coolest models on the planet!

    Hope the final touches into Kona go well, see ya out here and let me know if you or Andy need anything…

  2. E Swanson Says:

    Cute pics Kat! I had such an amazing time in Vic with you! I love training and hanging out with you 😉 Can’t wait for more fun stuff to come…..


  3. T Says:

    I just read an article on you in my latest Bicycling magazine. I also scanned the article and sent it to my boyfriend in Iraq. After nearly a year in Baghdad, he is finally taking R&R and heading straight to Kona for this year’s Ironman competition.

    He has done a few Ironmans in his past but since he can’t train while deployed, he will be volunteering at the Kona event in a few weeks. He is looking forward to the excitement and ready to get back to training. He will be visiting with me and his family, here in Texas, after the Ironman. Then he will return to Baghdad until February.

    Anyway, it is my goal to do my first sprint tri next June… I will be 39 years old. My bf is inspiring but I also love reading stories like yours. I have added you to my blog roll and I will continue to read. Thank you for doing all that you do! And good luck in Kona!!

  4. AJ Foster Says:

    Nice blog Kat, I was reading lots of threads about the whole J Lo thing at the Malibu Tri… Hope the finishing touches are going well for Kona. Kudos to the cover and article of Bicycling magazine.

  5. Flatman Says:

    Congrats! Great pics… 🙂

  6. Laura Page Crockett Says:

    Blast from the past! Hey, girl. This is Laura Page, your long lost friend from KY. We had our 10 YEAR high school renuion last night and Daniel McCarly told me about your website and career. WOW! I am so proud of you. You were always so smart and determined. To hear you have been so successfull is great to hear. It was so wierd to see everyone and we diffenietly remembered all the good times. i.e. church camp. Anyway, I just wanted to check you our and all of your successes. I can’t wait to keep on reading about you. We are in Atlanta now and if you are ever that way for a race hopefully I can be there to support you. Much love!

  7. Patrick Says:

    Aloha Katya and congrats on a fantastic race in Kona today! You did awesome! Hope you are recovering well.

    I’m Bree’s good friend Patrick aka Dolphin Boy!

  8. Kevin Says:

    Great blog Katya! Also, congratulations on having a great race in Kona. I look forward to your posting on the race. As an aspiring triathlete I appreciate reading the Good, Bad and Ugly from a pro. It helps me with my personal goal of one day finishing an Ironman and my fantasy of one day qualifying for the Kona Ironman.

    If you get a chance, can you add a link on your blog to an RSS feed so followers of your blog can get notified of your updates?

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