Summer Camp

Remember how much you loved summer camp as a kid? Running around outside, seeing old friends, meeting new ones. . .Some things never change; while the “running around” was perhaps a little more structured at last week’s training camp in Canada than the outdoor camps I went to as a kid, in many other ways the experience was very similar.

Pre-race ride with the Pros--Cheryl, Jenny, me, Bree, Lance

Pre-race Ride–Cheryl, Jenny, me, Bree, & Lance

The week started off with a little talent show, aka a half ironman, in Vancouver. Two of the three of my flat mates from Oz, Bree and Eileen, were there, as were a slew of other speedy ladies. The third roomie from Oz, Kim Loeffler, was busy kicking butt at Lake Placid—way to go, Kim! Cheryl Murphy, the eventual winner, happened to be coming off a 1:11 half marathon, so when I found myself next to her in T2 (she sat down to adjust her socks. . .I guess you can do that when you run a 71’ half mary; ), I sort of knew how that story was going to wind up!

As with any talent show, there were also a few unfortunate bloopers. Poor Bree, who was leading the swim & first part of the bike followed the lead motorcycle (except that it was actually a media motorcycle) waay off course. She still managed a 3rd place finish, and taught us all a lesson about how to deal with the inevitable race adversities by taking it totally in stride. (Obviously, this is sooo 12 blog posts ago for those of you who read Bree’s blog. If you don’t, you should: . Unlike mine, hers is actually updated regularly. Like, really regularly; ).

My race? Well. . . it was a good training day and fitness booster, which was what I was after since it was 3 weeks out from IM France. My legs reminded me of this for most of the bike and run. Not that it was a total sufferfest, I was just a little flat. I spent the majority of the run feeling like a big diesel truck—lots in the tank, just couldn’t quite get it really going, and I wound up 5th.

Post race, we took the ferry back to Victoria where the rest of camp was based. The ferry ride was a cool experience in and of itself, but was made even better because we were treated to both an orca whale sighting AND an all you can eat buffet, where I think I consumed about a pound of shrimp. If the whales had been watching us, instead of the other way around, I think they would have been impressed!

The rest of our time in Victoria was nothing short of amazing. Like my favorite camp counselors from back in the day, Coaches Paul & Dan kept us in line (15’ early & arm circles, anyone?), but also made sure we had so much fun that no one wanted to leave. We had great team workouts: lake swims, scenic bike rides, and my favorite: a 8 x 2k run workout, followed by an ocean ice bath.


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  1. Bree Says:

    ha ha, you posted! Now you need to post about your trip in Kentucky… I guess being a genius and gorgeous and speedy doesn’t leave much time for posting… have fun! Miss ya tons!

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