Dumbing it down. . .

Why fly half a world away for a training camp, when San Diego, the “triathlon mecca” is home base?  There is no shortage of fast training partners in San Diego, and unlike my Canadian teammates, I didn’t really need to escape the cold weather. . .Even though we DID have a pretty rainy winter, it’s hard to complain about the So Cal 50 degree “cold snaps” with a straight face.   In addition to some much needed swim technique help from Coach Paul, one of the biggest benefits of being here at camp, is the simplicity of it all.


Today, for example, was a 5k swim at 5:30, followed by breakfast and a nap.  Then a 5 hour bike ride, 40 minute run. Snack.  Ice bath. Eat Dinner.  Bed.  A fair bit of training, but not much else–no added stress.  While we’re here, our only obligations are the two (or sometimes three or four) workouts for the day.  The pool is a four minute cycle away, we ride our bikes to the grocery store, and when they are so far away, it’s easy to pretend that the usual demands of school, work, or that thing called life don’t exist.  Our extracurricular activities so far this trip have consisted of massage, naps, movie night on the couch, and a weekly trip to the farmer’s market.  Oh, went to a bbq last Friday. . .I think we were home by 8:00! 


We train, we eat, we sleep, and beyond that, the rest of the time is left for relaxing—usually spent either elbowing Eileen for our turn on the dial up connection or cooking (which, if it’s left to me, is sure to be burnt).  The most glamorous lifestyle, it’s not, but with the training we’ve been doing, there’s not much energy left over!  It’s a pretty simple, dumbed-down version of life at home, where it is easy to get caught up in both the “have to’s” and the have-to’s of life.  Here, we’re able to focus on the things like ice baths, massage, getting off our feet after workouts, and naps.  Guilt free selfishness, I’m calling it. 


With all this “focus”, I’ll definitely be ready for a night out when I get home!. . . After all, the start of my real race season is still a few months away, but in the meantime, a stress free and low key month of solid training has been just the thing.  Tomorrow the fun starts at 4:45 with a warm up run before the early morning swim.  Ouch.


5 Responses to “Dumbing it down. . .”

  1. ms Says:

    Where is that place “fly half a world away ” ?

  2. kristina Says:

    Katya!!! look at you blogging away! nothing like monday morning at work to make you curious about what ELSE is going on in the world. thank GOD for the internet. so glad i checked your blog!! i’m going to send you a proper email tonight, but SO glad you are feeling great. can’t wait for you to get back. miss you!

  3. Trigirlpink Says:

    Today, for example, was a 5k swim at 5:30, followed by breakfast and a nap. Then a 5 hour bike ride, 40 minute run. Snack. Ice bath. Eat Dinner. Bed.

    Some mortals would laugh at me saying this but, ahhhhhh looks like the perfect day to me! 🙂

  4. Bree Says:

    I miss ya Kat! I even made pumpkin for lunch and thought of you! Isn’t it great having computers again… and less stairs…? Hope all is well. I think you need to write more especially now that I check this stinking blog at least a couple times a week! Cheers to you… hope your next race is more fun than splashing and dashing!

  5. ericpiazza Says:

    Hi Katya

    I am so happy to have seen you on the podium yesterday in South Beach. . Congratulations on an amazing swim to lead your team to victory. It ALL started with you… May all your dreams come true ..

    NyC misses you!

    p.s. Aug 4th is my mom’s birthday too.

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