Yesterday we topped off a heavy week of training with a LifeSport group Iyegar yoga session.  It was a much needed recovery workout after a pretty intense week, which included lots more swimming than I’ve done in a while—or ever, come to think of it!  Four 5k masters swims, two 90’ open water swims, two bonus technique pool sessions, not to mention a little race called the “Splash and Dash” rounded out the swim training for the week.  By the way, this race was FAR less innocuous than it sounds.  For one thing, a 600m swim, 3k run twice through is short enough to be incredibly painful; for another thing, there is no such thing as a low key Aussie race!  Former Olympians, Olympic hopefuls, ITU World record holders, and surf lifesaving specialists (this is a huge sport in Australia) were all in attendance.  It was an incredible race, super hard workout, and quite exciting to see our teammates Brent McMahon (1st overall) and Lisa Mensink (2nd female) kick some serious *ss .  


But, back to the yoga. I’ve taken my share of yoga classes, but never one like this.  For one thing, most of the crew had never been to yoga.   I’m no yogi, but there are a few rules of yoga protocol that I think are probably pretty standard—no shoes in the studio, no talking during class, that sort of thing. . .I think we broke all of them when we rolled into the studio on our bikes, and then spent the entire hour in stitches over either our own or our neighbors lack of flexibility.  Fortunately, the instructor handled it like a true Aussie–meaning she took it all in stride–although we were reminded more than once that “yoga is restorative, and can best be absorbed when we are quiet”.  Pretty sure that’s yogi speak for “SHUT UP!”.


Tomorrow is another big day—5:30 AM open water swim (it is light out, but just barely) with focus on surf entry and exit, and 8 x 1 mile on the track.  Fortunately, all the hard work will be rewarded tonight with a massage from Toby, the reportedly very cute live in masseuse/chef for Laura and Greg Bennet, who we’ve borrowed for a few massage sessions each week while we’re here.


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