It’s All Starting to Make Sense. . .

I’ve only been here three days, but I am definitely starting to understand why those Aussies are such ridiculous swimmers.  After two of the longest and hardest master’s workouts of my life, and an insane “open water swim” (which involved at least as much time practicing those oxygen-debt inducing swim starts and sprinting up and down the beach as it did actual swimming), the puzzle pieces are all starting to fall into place. 

It’s hard work, but that is why I am here, and combined with some great technique coaching from the coaches on deck, I know it can only make me faster.  Besides, we’re in the water for our first session at 5:30 AM most days, so at least part of the day’s suffering is all over before breakfast: )

Plus, it is all made easier by the fact that we are essentially living in paradise.  The weather is perfectly warm and sunny, but not ridiculously hot.  There is great bike riding on rolling country roads just a few miles out of town, and a park full of running trails bordered on one side by amazing views of the ocean.  Not to mention my inspirational training partners.  It’s going to be a great month!


One Response to “It’s All Starting to Make Sense. . .”

  1. AJ Foster Says:

    Sounds like you are doing really well over there Kat! It’s also pretty cool that you get to train with Bree, she seems like a pretty kick @ss girl too!

    It looks like your pre season is off to a good start and that you’re on a better track for a positive season this year. I’m getting out of the gutter myself. I brought on my home stay from Philly Tri last year to be my coach. Eric Limkemann (USAT elite rookie of the year). Hopefully he can help out my swim for the upcoming season!

    Take care and enjoy the lovely weather, and thanks for the updates!

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