Drumroll, please. . .

Finally a real blog post.  I know, I know, a blog is meant to be updated more than once every few months!  Thanks to all of you who–sometimes gently, sometimes not–sent me email reminders on this: )   

It seems that whether it’s starting a blog, changing eating habits, beginning a workout program, or buying into a new training method, initiating new behavior is difficult.  Converting contemplation to action requires a POA (plan of action); just having a vague idea that you want to change usually isn’t enough. 

After a rough year last year–more on that later, I promise–I knew that I needed to make some changes in regards to training and racing.  After nearly 10 months of a forced break (. . .no, I wasn’t pregnant, though that seems to be quite fashionable these days), I am thrilled to be back to training, with a full race schedule slated on the calendar, and most importantly, a more specific POA.  

One of the biggest changes I knew I needed to make this year was taking on a coach–if for no other reason than to protect me from myself.  Being objective about rest is difficult for all of us type A personalities, and, let’s be honest–that pretty much includes everyone reading this!  Fortunately for me, I met Paul Regensburg from Lifesport while watching from the sidelines in Hawaii this year.  At that point I was just easing back into some very easy training, and Coach Paul has been instrumental over the last few months in keeping me on track with lots of challenging workouts, while avoiding the “too much, too soon” pitfalls that are so easy for “our type” to succumb to: )

And, sooo, that’s how I came to find myself in Australia for a month long hard core swim focus training camp with some of the stud triathletes Lifesport coaches, including my housemates for the month, Kim Loeffler, Bree Wee, and Eileen Castillo.  “Real World Oz”, we’re calling it.  It is sure to be an adventure, and despite the slooowww dial up connection, I promise to keep you all updated.  Thanks for reading!



One Response to “Drumroll, please. . .”

  1. Bree Wee Says:

    NICE job Cally Girl! You wrote…! LOVE it and so stoked you are feeling good. Well, I am in OZ and you all are supposed to be here to pick my @$$ up, where are you guys!!?? See you so soon and am so stoked to be training with you this trip! BEST to you… see you soon. Are you rady to “splash & dash”? or what!!

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